Dmytro Danylyk

Android Platform Software Developer

E-Mail: dmytrodanylyk [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: dmytrodanylyk

Skype: dmytrodanylyk


He is a conservative geek. After finishing school he has focused on it-technologies. No one seen him from this time. It can freely be said that he's in it always, except when he's asleep of course, but maybe even then, who knows?!

He enjoys learning and creating something new. He wants everything look great. He's a perfectionist with sense for details. He ensures the quality and high professionalism in everything he does. One word - programmer.




Lemberg Solutions Limited

Position - Software Engineer, Inc

Position - UI Engineer

Finalist of Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012

Position - Android Developer

Project Deedle - is a social project which encourage people to share things they have done. Deedle is created using the whole bucket of amazing things, that Google offers to developers for free.

For example when you login you just need to select one of your phone google accounts, no need to type login or password. Our application already know your name, hometown, photo and display all this information.

When you share your deed, all information is stored on your Google Drive and is available for download. You can add location to your deed and it will be displayed in our deed map view.

Check-out some screenshots here.






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